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Start Clean, Stay Clean


Assuring 247365
disease suppression &
odor mitigation for
indoor ag & cultivation

 Our Value

Disease Suppression & Hygiene

Biosecurity or IPM solutions that are not optimized leave you vulnerable to excess labor costs, unsafe working conditions, significant yield losses, failed regulatory testing, and non-compliant retail products.  EcoBuds' proprietary All Clear  protocol protects your facility, your grow, and your people from these and other pathogen and industrial hygiene-related challenges.  You can virtually eliminate all worry about disease, unwanted odor, banned or incidental pesticide use, and related employee harm and liabilities caused by inferior operations.


Innovative Platform

All EcoBuds' solutions are based upon solid economic principles, unified standards, business common sense, proven tech, irrefutable science, and custom facility designs.  EcoBuds' Digital Immune System is the only platform capable of monitoring airborne disease levels while also automating precise daily disease suppression treatments with little to no staff interaction.  EcoBuds always supports your operation as a true partner, working with you and your team, for the long term, to defeat disease, mitigate odor, and solve other cultivation challenges.  


Multiple Industries

Throughout indoor agriculture, including medicinal cannabis, horticulture, and floriculture, EcoBuds, along with our platform partners, provides you with a class-leading "team of experts."  As a valued partner, our team works with you to help you understand and implement effective disease suppression, reduce sanitation-related labor, and avoid unnecessary expenses or operational interruptions due to staff turnover or unforeseen events.

Enhanced Profitability

For cultivators, EcoBuds helps to deliver harvests that pass all regulatory testing for the most common microbials that often lead to failed lots.  When deploying EcoBuds' full Digital Immune System platform, we guarantee that you'll pass virtually all of your tests...or we'll pay for it! It’s that simple. EcoBuds clients experience higher yields for growers, safer workspaces, improved operational efficiency, reduced employee and product liability, less disinfection-related labor costs, and enhanced employee and consumer confidence.  


We Deliver:
Automated disease control 
Daily sanitization & disinfection 
SOP development
License application content 
Standards pre-assessment
Assured cultivation
You Receive:
Reduced overall hygiene costs
Reduced labor time & costs
Reduced employee exposure risk
Increased yield
Increased profitability & ROI
Increase shareholder value

We provide the tools, know-how,  technology and partnership to Start Clean, Stay Clean

"Start Clean, Stay Clean,"  "Digital Immune System",  and "All Clear" are trademarks of EcoBuds Inc.


When clients engage with us, we’re not here to be a pie-in-the-sky, one-size-fits-all vendor.  As your mission-critical partner, our job is to own every piece of our responsibility, helping you breathe easy in knowing that disease control and the health and safety of your business is as important to us as it is to you.  Serving your mission is our primary objective.   


 Our Services

01/ Digital Immune System  

Introducing EcoBuds' Digital Immune System: a customized, disease monitoring and suppression system that virtually eliminates all concerns about mold, mildew, and other pathogens.  EPA & FDA  compliant.  Includes:  


Replenish: the only facility-installed, automated sanitization, disinfection and odor reduction system featuring DiKlor - a proprietary chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that exceeds the performance of other brands for use in indoor agricutlure.  Treats pathogens, including mold, bacteria and viruses without facilitating pathogen resistance.  Works 24-7-365 to suppress disease throughout your facility regardless of  employee engagement, staff turnover, etc.  On-site delivery to your facility-installed ClO2 tank occurs on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.      

Continuous Intelligence Network:  a multi-disciplinary environmental monitoring platform for disease detection and yield maximization.  Features an airborne disease sensor array for real-time, early warning detection.  The network provides 24/7 monitoring to be able to "see" what's in the air before being visible on plants.  No more guessing if or when an outbreak might occur means no wasted resources, no surprises, no major crop losses to certain diseases.

Custom Dashboard & SMS/Email Alerts:  EcoBuds provides a convenient dashboard for access to monitoring data.  Push alerts to all key stakeholders provide transparency and "real-time" warnings for any disease threshold increases outside acceptable limits.   



Digital Immune System


"Digital Immune System"  and "Continuous Intelligence Network" are trademarks of EcoBuds, Inc.

"Replenish" and "DiKlor" are  trademarks of bioWALL, LLC. Used with permission. 

02 / Start Clean, Stay Clean

Whether you're a large-scale MSO with millions of cubic feet, a smaller bespoke operation, still in the design phase, or anything in between, maintaining adequate industrial and workplace hygiene is critical to operational success and maximizing shareholder value.  From easy-to-execute daily sanitization and disinfection protocols to full or partial facility sterilization (for post-harvest room turnover, new construction or retrofits, disease outbreak, etc.), EcoBuds' Start Clean, Stay Clean services help our clients establish and maintain clean working environments while promoting employee/customer safety, regulatory compliance, high plant quality, and compliant end-product delivery.  Our sterilization service process, performed by platform partner bioWALL, is considered the gold "standard of decontamination" by the National Academy of Science (panel members included academia, USDA, FDA, EPA, DOD and DOH scientists).


1- "Food Safety: Protection From Farm to Table" whitepaper, 2016, courtesy of bioWALL.  

03 / Energy & Other Cost Savings

In keeping with our mission to help assure success for our clients, EcoBuds has partnered with Bottom Line Concepts (BLC) to help substantially reduce operational costs for cultivators and indoor ag.  Together, we've introduced a couple of programs, including kWcSave (kilowatts in cultivation; pronounced "quick save").  Easily and quickly realize substantial energy and utility cost savings in both Regulated (state-owned/run) and Deregulated (open) markets in the US and Canada.  This program is also available for non-cultivation clients.  Most program participants realize savings within 30-90 days.

A major differentiator of the kWcSave program, as opposed to other energy management plans you may have tried, is that with kWcSave there is ZERO OUT OF POCKET COST to you.  BLC only takes a percentage of the actual savings after being realized by you.  If you don't see a reduction in your energy or other operational costs, you pay absolutely nothing.  


Adding BLC as an EcoBuds' platform partner is a boon for EcoBuds' clients as BLC has been able to generate over $500,000,000 in total savings (across all categories) for medium to large size companies since 2009. 



"kWcSave" is a trademark of EcoBuds, Inc.
2- Energy and total savings data from Bottom Line Concepts, LLC

04 / Assurance

Using data science and technology, EcoBuds is working closely with insurance companies and financial institution partners to help innovate ways to assure "near-zero" disease-based crop-loss failures (specifically, failed regulatory testing).     

Additionally, EcoBuds is also a staunch supporter of industry standards and regulatory organizations including FOCUS, ISO, ASTM, FDA, EPA, AFDO, and select others.  Standards provide people and organizations with a basis for understanding and implementing best practices and are used as tools to facilitate safe and compliant manufacturing, measurement, communication, and distribution.  Adopting and following these standards and associated best practices help to reduce costs and maintain good quality while protecting employees, consumers, and the environment.  The EcoBuds platform is designed and deployed with industry standards in mind which help facilitate more assured cultivation, manufacturing, and employment environment.  

EcoBuds also presents at various industry association meetings, sits on committees responsible for writing standards and model code, and, in some industries, even provides facility/operational risk assessments for compliance with current industry standards. 

Image by Joe

John D., Dir. of Cultivation

After struggling with persistent mold and PM in our facility, we started using the EcoBuds platform.  After helping us implement new tools and techniques,  the disease basically vanished facility-wise.  We've been consistently passing regulatory testing nearly without a single failure. Thanks to EcoBuds, daily disinfection became easier and more effective than ever.  We also can attribute increases in yield and profits to our work with the EcoBuds team.


Our Leadership

Kyle is a co-founder and Chief Strategist of EcoBuds. He founded the company based upon a deep understanding and experience in socio-technical design and econometric modeling and their application to disease mitigation.

He has applied this expertise to 16 core markets for chlorine dioxide (ClO2) use, including early adaptation of ClO2 for disinfection and sterilization in brewery and winery operations, the application of ClO2 under the Minor Use/Minor Species Act, as well as supporting wastewater treatment patents in the automotive and secondary manufacturer markets.

As a cannabis entrepreneur, Kyle focuses his attention on scientific verification methods and weighted decision-making to ensure the end-to-end delivery of clean and compliant cannabis to consumers, most notably medical patients.


Kyle Baker


Co-founder, Chief Strategist

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Kyle Baker

Chief Strategist

A co-founder and CEO of EcoBuds, Christian has spent over two decades as a corporate advisor, venture capital partner and risk management/fintech executive. 


Working with some of the world's largest financial companies, Christian developed and launched multiple leading-edge digital risk management and planning platforms that enabled financial firms to accelerate growth, increase  competitiveness, and systematize workflow processes for operational efficiency.  


Additionally, Christian's expertise and innovative work in risk management and econometric modelling resulted in his authoring a patent for Financial Modeling Systems and Methods

​An alumnus of the College of the Holy Cross, Mr. Castiglione resides in the greater NYC area.


Christian Castiglione

Co-founder, CEO

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Christian Castiglione


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